Just finished quick reading

“The Science and Technology of Growing Young” by Sergey Young — the Longevity Guy

and I must say how beautifully it has been written. Everyone deserves to read it. Hence, I decided to post notes from the bonus chapter as I found it very informative.

My objective of reading this book was not to live longer but to live happier. So, here are 10 attitudes, choices and habits in further simplified form. This post is to motivate you to read book and not skip it.

Recently I read “Start with Why by Simon Sinek” and found it very inspiring and practical. It reinforces the idea that everything has to be driven by a purpose. Here are my quick notes from the book.

  • How explains the ways your product or service is unique and desirable.
  • What defines the obvious aspects of your product or position with your firm.
  • There are only two ways to influence human behavior: you can manipulate it, or you can inspire it.
  • You need action-oriented people to make your vision a reality…

(formerly Video Indexer)

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  • To start extracting insights with Video Analyzer for Media, you need to create an account and upload videos. When you upload your videos to Video Analyzer for Media, it analyses both visuals and audio by running different AI models
  • When you create a Video Analyzer for Media account and connect it to Media Services, the media and metadata files are stored in the Azure storage account associated with that Media Services account.

Video Insights

  • Face detection: Detects and groups faces…

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PowerApps is a no/low code application development platform. Apart from facilitating faster application development, it allows non-professional developers to develop software.

As it is a hosted & shared platform, it comes with some platform protections in form of limits and throttling to ensure a bad piece of software does not bring the platform down. Also it brings in some new best practices to ensure that software developed in performant.

Here is a guide which collects detailed guidance around building scalable and performant PowerApps. It covers content available throughout the app lifecycle.


We want to build an app for 50K —…

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“Empathy gives birth to kindness”

Empathy and Compassion are two of the key attributes of Emotional Intelligence. And what is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is all about being aware of our own and others’ emotions. But being aware is not enough, ability to manage them for the benefit of our own and others is also important. Humans are considered to be very emotional and not being aware/manage them can often lead to wrong decisions.

Understanding Empathy

Empathy is all about being aware, understand and feel another person’s perspective or emotions. …

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I will care and feel proud of the work I do.

I will constantly find ways to become better professional. This is a lifetime commitment.

I will help our customers to achieve what they want to achieve, in the most efficient way.

I will share my knowledge with less-experienced software craftsman as moral obligation.

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Covid-19 is going to bring some fundamental changes to workplace technology. Few pre-covid trends will get accelerated while others may get reversed. Here are few note able changes we can expect:

  1. Large single organization office campuses will give way to satellite offices. This will help in reaching the talent where they are. This will also have positive impact on large city infra.
  2. Physical conferences which gave way to virtual ones due to covid will return to hybrid conferences. …

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Dr. Rupert Maclean shares his views on effects of current pandemic on future of education.

  1. Technology has facilitated interaction over internet but face to face still very important.
  2. Education is more about human aspects than just knowledge transfer.
  3. Rise of independent learners.
  4. Rise in remote learning in long term which will impact how we train teachers.
  5. 21st Century skills — Multiple Intelligence. Not just Science or Math but things like Empathy, Social Skills. Resolve conflicts through discussion.

Listen to the full episode here

Episode 4: Dr. Rupert Maclean on Emerging Trends and Pandemic Effects: The Future of Education by SN Library Link | Free Listening on SoundCloud

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Creative Briefs are usually associated with the Marketing Industry where it is a document used to describe the creative deliverables like images, web design, etc.

It is the first document prepared either by the customer or in close collaboration with the customer which states the purpose of the project undertaken. It also helps in establishing a common understanding of the background and goal amongst various teams members across the project lifecycle.

Software Development teams usually lack a standard document which acts as a creative brief for every team member. A lot of times, this result in team members not really…

AI’s biggest untapped opportunity lies outside the software industry

— Andrew NG

The Alan Turing Institute has recently published a white paper on current state of Data Science within Humanities.

It not only covers the opportunities which we uncover by bringing the two fields together but also challenges which need to be solved first. The key being how professionals from two fields differ in their approaches, methods and tools they use. The paper concludes with recommendations on how to solve these challenges.


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